Saturday, 7 June 2014

Exhibitor Spotlight: Sophie Heywood

Sophie is an illustrator from Manchester. She believes it is important to have a link between her commercial and authorial work, trying to maintain a unified personality in her drawings. She finds inspiration from organic subject matter and popular culture, using a mixture of traditional drawing methods, printmaking and craft. Sophie likes being able to offer something tangible and personal to her audience and regularly attends print fairs, her next one being the Chesterfield Print Fair on the 14th of June.

To see more of Sophie's work visit her website or her etsy store.

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Exhibitor Spotlight: Sophie Duckworth

Sophie Duckworth is an Illustrator based in Tottington, Bury. Sophie works with mainly watercolour and watercolour pencils to create illustrations for children's books. She loves drawing animals and experimenting with anthropomorphism, this inspired her to write and illustrate her own story which she is about to self-publish. Sophie loves to create illustrations that make people smile, by drawing cute and funny characters. Her love of books from a young age has inspired her to create illustrations that will inspire and entertain children.

To see more of Sophie's work visit her website or her facebook page.