Friday, 4 July 2014

Friday 13th; Exhibition Photos

Just a selection of photos from our exhibition which took place on Friday 13th! It went down without a hitch and we must thank everyone who came down on the night and the following week. The support has been overwhelming!

Stay tuned for information about D&AD New Blood and Preston Introduces.

Saturday, 7 June 2014

Exhibitor Spotlight: Sophie Heywood

Sophie is an illustrator from Manchester. She believes it is important to have a link between her commercial and authorial work, trying to maintain a unified personality in her drawings. She finds inspiration from organic subject matter and popular culture, using a mixture of traditional drawing methods, printmaking and craft. Sophie likes being able to offer something tangible and personal to her audience and regularly attends print fairs, her next one being the Chesterfield Print Fair on the 14th of June.

To see more of Sophie's work visit her website or her etsy store.

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Exhibitor Spotlight: Sophie Duckworth

Sophie Duckworth is an Illustrator based in Tottington, Bury. Sophie works with mainly watercolour and watercolour pencils to create illustrations for children's books. She loves drawing animals and experimenting with anthropomorphism, this inspired her to write and illustrate her own story which she is about to self-publish. Sophie loves to create illustrations that make people smile, by drawing cute and funny characters. Her love of books from a young age has inspired her to create illustrations that will inspire and entertain children.

To see more of Sophie's work visit her website or her facebook page.

Monday, 12 May 2014

Exhibitor Spotlight: Richard Hamilton

The primary focus for Richard's work recently has been character design and development, and implementing those characters into a sequential narrative. Richard has been experimenting with taking his traditional hand drawn characters into photoshop to colour digitally. He is currently adding the finishing touches to his Children's book, 'The Paper Tiger', while also working on several self initiated pieces like 'The Sheriff Killer', with a more mature approach, using aspects from film and popular culture. Although Richards work has dominantly been 2D digital work, he also enjoys creating 3D sculptures and experimenting with animatronics.
His digital portfolio and website are still under construction, but for updates on his work and future projects follow his Twitter or contact for correspondence.

Monday, 5 May 2014

Exhibitor Spotlight: Nick Norcross

Nick Jon Norcross is a Photographer, image maker and illustrator. Nick has had his work featured at the Pyramid Gallery in York for the Love of Purple exhibition. His illustration is at times of a naive nature and can be quite comical due his personality which comes through in some of his work. He is also known to use an outsiders approach when creating his, what some might say, off the cuff illustration work.

To see more of Nick's portfolio, visit his Flickr.     

Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Exhibitor Spotlight: Natalie Dowbekin

Natalie has always had a fixation with the hybridising of nature, combining organic, botanical, animalistic and human forms through a labyrinthian language. Being able to almost disguise content through detail and collage enables her to create layer and depth within her illustrations, which captivates and seduces an audience with curiosity.

To view more of Natalie's work, visit her website.

Friday, 25 April 2014

Exhibitor Spotlight: Matthew Sewell

Matthew is an illustrator based in Cumbria. The themes within his work are mainly places, animals and objects. Ink and water colour with fine liner are his preferred materials of choice. They allow him to create expressive but also intricate pieces of work. He also likes to use digital processes. Matthew's work usually takes the form of self publishing such as artist books and zines, where the format and look of his work is paramount to his working methods. He is inspired by street scenes, fonts, mark making, fashion illustration, culture, contrasts and inanimate objects.

To see more of Matthew's work, visit his blog.

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Exhibitor Spotlight: Matty Pickard

Matty takes an analytical approach to his work, trying to understand how things work and are put together in the world around us. He tends to rely heavily on his line work in a bold graphic style and enjoys using different means of perspective to find depth and detail in his images. He tends to use digital work to build and colour his work although he is not scared to get his hands dirty and use more raw materials such as acrylics, water colours, chalk, charcoal and pastels when best suited.

To see more of Matty's work visit his Behance.

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Exhibitor Spotlight: Kirsten Coville

Kirsten Coville is an illustrator based in Liverpool. She works primarily in Pen and black ink creating intricate line art. Her main passion is character creation and comics, reveling in the labour intensive detailing in her sequential image making. She enjoys creating surreal and melancholic moods in apocalyptic scenes for her characters to develop in. She takes inspiration from the horror genre, comics and her own fucked up imagination.

To see more of Kirsten's work visit her Facebook page. She has also just been confirmed for the Macclesfield Print Fair on September 20th, along with fellow illustrators Sophie Heywood and Jade Laura!

Screenprinting Progress

Here is a sneak peek of some progress of our limited edition screen prints. This is one of the finished pieces by Matty Pickard! Each print will be sold at the exhibition in June, as a limited run of 13.

Art Sale Photos

Some photos from our art sale last week. It was good to have each of our exhibitors donate work and for them to experience what setting up and selling for a print fair will be like!